Friday, June 26, 2009

Does Obama read Michael Dare on

What Michael Dare said yesterday:

The military budget doesn't need to be cut, it just needs to be spend differently.��
For the cost of let's say one aircraft carrier, we could have a massive airdrop, not of bombs,��but of free iPhones and mini laptops and wifi for every citizen of Iran, and what the hell, North Korea.��

Invite them to experience the freedom of the internet. Win their souls and minds.��
Make the foreign governments look pretty bad when they complain about a�
massive giveaway that every citizen will applaud.�
Michael Dare

The following is from after Michael's bright idea...

One reporter asked if the White House was considering beaming broadband capability into Iran via satellite so the� opposition forces would be able to communicate with themselves and the outside world. Gibbs said he didn't know�such a thing was possible. (Is it?) But he said he would check on the technological feasibility and get back with an answer.

That caused some head-scratching in the press room. If the United States could do that and was planning on doing so,� wouldn't this be one of those intelligence matters that Gibbs won't discuss? But maybe some telecom entrepreneur or� Silicon Valley whiz-kids can make this happen. The Google guys? The Twitter people? XM Radio?� This is the sort of covert action that could be worth outsourcing�with the project manager taking full credit.� Think of the endorsement possibilities: the Iranian Revolution...Brought to You by DIRECTV.